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We are engaged in wide range of manufacturing supreme CPVC pipe and pipe fittings.

Salient Features

  • Strong and Durable -  C.P.V.C. Pipes & Fittings are strong, impact resistant & unaffected by weather conditions.
  • Light Weight - Are easy to handle, transport & install even on difficult terrain.
  • Leak Proof - Are completely free from leaks.
  • Better Flow Characteristic - There is no deposit formation which implies better flow
  • Energy Saving - Have smooth internal surface which implies low frictional loss. Hence power consumption is on lower side.
  • Safe - Are self extinguishing with good thermal & electric insulation.
  • Resistant to -
  1. Moisture
  2. Corroison
  3. Chemical
  4. Abrasion
  5. Wearing
  • Termite Proof and UV Resistant - Are termite proof and resistant to ultra-violet rays.
  • Longer Lasting & Maintenance Free - Are free from corroding factors, hence last longer and require minimum maintenance.
Applications :-
  •  Hot and Cold potable water distribution in buildings of all types - residential (low rise & high rise), commercial complexes & institutes
  •  Can be used in fire suppression systems (sprinklers etc.) due to its fire resistance Corrosive Fluid handling in industries


Advantages :-

  • Hot and Cold water distribution systems made from DTY CPVC pipes and fittings can withstand high temperatures
  • DTY CPVC pipe systems are resistant to many everyday household chemicals
  • DTY CPVC piping materials provide long, maintenance free service life due to corrosion resistance
  • DTY CPVC pipes are available in two pressure classes SDR 11 and SDR 13.5
  • CPVC materials do  not support combustion;  therefore they cannot burn without external fuel source
  • DTY CPVC piping systems can handle most of the temperature/pressure requirements of today's typical process plants
  • DTY CPVC pipes and fittings are easy to install using solvent cement
  • DTY CPVC piping system is economical and long lasting
  • DTY CPVC pipes and fittings are produced using clean, energy efficient processes; they are light weight and having low friction. Thus, such systems save energy in manufacturing, transportation, installation & during usage


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